Mission Statement

The purpose of Evangelistic Ministries is to provide an organization through which charitable contributions can be received from donors and distributed for the furthering of missionary endeavors. It is a non-profit corporation with a tax exempt status.

More specifically, these funds will be used firstly to pay for the expenses of those Evangelistic Ministries has chosen to the mission field for the physical upgrading of the material plant on those fields. Secondly, funds may also be used to provide living expenses for those engaged by the ministry to perform this type of work as deemed appropriate by the board of directors. Thirdly, monies may be channeled through the ministry to any designated missionary purpose a donor specifies.

The Goal

The goal of Evangelistic Ministries is to step into these situations and provide necessary people or service to meet evangelistic needs in a timely and efficient manner. This process needs to be done at a minimum involvement of the resident missionaries’ or pastors time and at as little expense to the field or church as possible. The missionaries’/pastor time and resources must be conserved for the spiritual ministry in which they are engaged. Thus Evangelistic Ministries purpose for existence is to lift these burdens and in so doing make the work on that field and pastorate more effective in reaching the lost for Christ.