News Letters

News Letters

Dear Friends of Evangelistic Ministries,  

        Greetings to each of you as we are at the dawn of a new Spring. It has been awhile since we have shared with you where God has led us. This past year has been filled with meetings and we are xcited about what God is doing.    God is moving in areas that people are praying. Scripture tells us that if His people will pray, they will hear from Heaven. Throughout the year, there have been so many wonderful demonstrations of God’s love to us. Even in the midst of the busyness of day to day activity. Our travels have taken us as far west as Montana and as far south as Haiti. Seeing God move on hearts is the highlight of our travels. Witnessing people drawn by the Spirit of God and receiving victory in their lives is worth every inconvenience that we may experience.  Remember that Satan is a defeated foe. The battle has been fought and the outcome has already been determined…………. WE WIN!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!

         I wish that each one of you could travel with us and experience the joys of the work for yourselves but I do sense that you are with us in your prayers. You may have experienced those times when you are in a battle and you know that someone is praying for you right then. Later, someone might share that they were praying for you. What a joy to be a small part of God’s great work.

         We would like to also thank all those that have supported the Ministry in their giving. Your gifts have made it possible for us to involve ourselves in different mission trips and projects this past year. Thank you for being a part of helping to build the vineyard of God. As partners, we have been able to help reach more souls for the Kingdom. What a joy to see those that are in darkness come into the light for the first time. The shadows pass away,  the clouds are lifted and the light of God shines across their darkened path as new life begins. Hope of Eternal Life is born. Praise God! Because of your partnership, we have seen this happen again and again. Listen to this account. It was a Friday night in Ukraine.  I had preached about having a personal experience with God. A lady came to me after the service that night and asked how to get her boys interested in serving God. (She was the one who said the night before, “What can this American tell us?”) Her face was downcast and she had a quiver in her voice. I noticed there was a tear in her eye. This was amazing because these people very seldom show emotion. She said that God was a “Miracle Thing” up there somewhere. She said, “I pray for them and they don’t change.” EACH NIGHT GOD MOVED ON HER HEART. I said to her, “Ask God to fill you with all He has for you and it will make them hungry to have what their mom has. Pray until God becomes real to you. He wants to put His arms around you and shows He loves you.  He wants to make you like Him.”  She looked at me and it was like a light bulb came on, a cloud lift right in front of me. She nodded and a big smile came across her face. It was if God whispered something to her in a real way. She thanked me then left.  Almost everyone raised their hand for prayer that night.

         There are so many stories that could be told of how God is working. Thank you for your partnership that enables us to be available for His use.

                                                                                                                          His for Souls,

                                                                                                                            The Kaufmans